Finance Ministry Summons 69 High-risk Employees

The Ministry of Finance has called upon 69 employees deemed to be at high risk, with the goal of completing an inquiry within two weeks.

Starting from Monday, the Finance Ministry has been summoning and interrogating 69 high-risk employees based on their Wealth Reports (LHKPN). Awan Nurmawan Nuh, the inspector general of the ministry, stated that if any violation was suspected, they would take further steps to clarify or even investigate.

"We aim to complete the inquiry in two weeks, but it depends on the progress. So, the inquiry is ongoing," he stated during a press conference at the Finance Ministry Building in Central Jakarta on Wednesday, March 8.

Awan explained that the Inspectorate General has the power to manage reports, verify, clarify, and examine employees' Wealth Reports reported through LHKPN and ALPHA, for employees who are not obligated to report LHKPN. This is conducted for the wealth reports of all employees of the Finance Ministry.

Since 2012, the Inspectorate General has been conducting verifications beyond formal aspects to ensure compliance and completeness of files in assets reports, as well as examining the material aspects to assess the fairness of assets' ownership related to the profiles of respective employees, according to Awan.

The results of the verification of assets and other preventive measures will provide the inspectorate general with data to determine the risk profile of employees, categorized as high, medium, and low. "For employees with high-risk profiles, the Inspectorate General takes further steps, from making clarifications to investigative audits," Awan stated.

Previously, the Inspectorate General investigated Rafael Alun Trisambodo, an echelon 2 Tax Directorate official, following the case of abuse by his son, which led to an investigation about his luxurious lifestyle and their luxury goods that were not reported in the LHKPN. More recently, the former Head of the Yogyakarta Customs Office, Eko Darmanto, was also questioned.

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