How to Deposit a Check Online


If you are unsure about how to deposit a check through the internet, then you are in luck. Nowadays, customers have the ability to deposit checks using their mobile devices. However, to be able to use this service, you usually need to have a checking or savings account with the bank in question. The mobile deposit option can potentially save you time and eliminate the need to physically visit the bank.

You can deposit checks from almost anywhere using the Bank of America® Mobile Banking app on your smartphone or tablet. You will receive a confirmation immediately, letting you know that your deposit has been received.

How does online check deposit work? 


How does depositing a check through the internet work? To begin, you will need to use your bank's mobile application to make a mobile deposit. For instance, Chase customers can utilize the Chase QuickDeposit℠ feature on the Chase Mobile® app to deposit their funds. The process for depositing an online check may involve the following steps:
  1. Log into your selected banking mobile app
  2. Tap on "Deposit checks" and select the account where you wish your deposit to go
  3. Enter the amount of your deposit
  4. Tap on "Front" and take a picture of the front side of the check
  5. Endorse your check and then tap on "Next"
  6. Take a picture of the back side of the check
  7. Choose "Deposit" and then tap on "Yes" to confirm

It is important to note that not all banks support every phone or operating system. Therefore, it is recommended that you verify with your bank to ensure that your phone is compatible.

What is the maximum amount that can be deposited online?

photo: Empris Bank

There may be certain limits imposed on the amount you can deposit at one time when utilizing mobile deposits. These limits may vary depending on individual factors such as:

  • Your account type
  • Your deposit history
  • The length of time your account has been active

In addition, some banks may have daily deposit limits that restrict the total amount you can deposit via your mobile device in a single business day. There may even be weekly or monthly deposit limits that apply. To obtain detailed information on deposit limits, it is advisable to contact your bank directly.

It is important to note that not all types of checks can be deposited via mobile deposit. For instance, checks that may be accepted could include personal, business, government, and cashier's checks.

How much time does an online check deposit take?

The processing time for an online deposit may vary depending on the bank. It is advisable to check with your bank regarding availability.

In conclusion

Now that you have gained a better understanding of the process for depositing a check online, you may be prepared to begin. Mobile deposits offer the convenience of depositing checks online at your convenience. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact a bank representative.

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