Shotgun Wedding: Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel are trapped in a terrible failure of a film.

photo: A still from ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Review Shotgun Wedding

Just as you were hoping for a great year in movies with the release of 'Prehistoric Shark' in 2023, 'Shotgun Wedding' comes along and disappoints. It's not even the type of bad movie that makes you question the meaning of life, it's just a dull and unenthusiastic failure. It's especially disappointing to see Jennifer Lopez in such a degrading project.

Darcy's sister Jamie, played by Callie Hernandez, is a bit of a wild child and fails to arrive on time to do Darcy's hair as she is getting into trouble with the best man, Ricky, played by Desmin Borges. With Jamie not there to keep Darcy's future mother-in-law, Carol, played by Jennifer Coolidge, in check, Darcy ends up with an unflattering hairstyle. 

Darcy's parents are separated and her mother, Renata, played by Sônia Braga, complains about her ex-husband's girlfriend, Harriet, played by D'Arcy Carden, while also criticizing her son-in-law Tom for being too controlling and focused on details such as the pineapple centerpieces.

To make things even worse, Darcy's ex-boyfriend Sean, played by Lenny Kravitz, makes a dramatic arrival at the wedding by helicopter, despite not having RSVP'd. He interrupts Tom's speech with sweet and funny stories of his time with Darcy in the Peace Corps in Bali, charming all the wedding guests, including Tom's reserved and unassuming father Larry, played by Steve Coulter.

As the guests are waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, the happy couple are having a heated argument with accusations being thrown around. Just as the wedding is about to fall apart, pirates invade the event. 

"Shotgun Wedding" is supposed to be a Die Hard-style action movie set at a wedding, but it falls short of the mark. Detective John McClane would not approve.

The jokes fall flat, like a stale uthappam and the depiction of violence is in poor taste. There are romantic comedies, action movies, action-comedies, and movies with a style similar to that of Quentin Tarantino that feature graphic violence. 

Unfortunately, this movie does not fit into any of those categories. "Shotgun Wedding" exists in its own special category of terrible movies, where it will likely be forgotten.

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