How to Clean Your BeautyBlender Or Any Makeup Sponge

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A beautyblender is a small, neon-colored sponge used for applying makeup. However, after just one use, the sponge can become covered in foundation stains and streaks of old eyeliner. Additionally, sponges are prone to bacteria growth, which can be harmful to acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Therefore, it is important to clean the sponge daily to prevent the accumulation of dirt, oil, and bacteria. According to Mark Chi, a global trainer and makeup artist at beautyblender, daily use can lead to the accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution, and bacteria on any makeup tool. It is important to clean the sponge regularly to maintain cleanliness and prevent the growth of bacteria.

According to Mark Chi, it is recommended to wash your beautyblender before using it in the morning. This serves two purposes: the sponge will be clean and disinfected before coming into contact with your skin, and it will also be wet and ready to use. 

Regularly cleaning makeup brushes and sponges can prevent the accumulation of stains and bacteria growth. 

Here are some ways to effectively clean your beautyblender without damaging it:

The Most Effective Way to Clean a Beautyblender

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According to experts, the best way to clean a beautyblender is to use gentle bar soap, dish soap, or beautyblender's own cleansing solid. 

The brand's cleansing solid is called Blendercleanser and is specifically designed to remove stains without damaging the sponge. It is all natural and protects the makeup tools from 99.7% of harmful germs and bacteria for 24 hours after washing, even if there are stains left behind. 

To use a cleansing solid for the most thorough clean, follow these steps:

1. Wet the sponge thoroughly and rub it against the bar soap, focusing on any stained areas. 

2. Rinse the sponge under running water until the water runs clear and the sponge is no longer sudsy when squeezed. If stains remain, repeat step one.

3. Squeeze the sponge out on a dry towel and let it air dry.

How to clean a beautyblender with dish soap

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Jami Svay, a professional makeup artist, enjoys using Dawn dishwashing soap when applying makeup. According to Svay, "It's gentle so it doesn't shred the sponge, but it's a degreaser so it easily breaks down foundation and concealer." 

Another makeup artist, Forte, also agrees that a warm, sudsy solution of a good grease-cutting dish liquid like Dawn is effective in removing makeup.

1. To use Dawn dish soap to remove makeup, start by applying a small amount of soap onto a sponge. Forte suggests adding a little more Dawn onto the sponge for extra lather and to target any stains. Massage the sponge for about a minute.

2. According to Forte, to get the most out of the soap, "Squeeze and work it into the sponge with your fingers, then let it soak in the sudsy water for a few minutes."

3. "Squeezing the sponge again, then rinsing it thoroughly until no suds remain and the water runs clear." After rinsing, gently roll the sponge on a clean towel to remove excess moisture and lay it flat to dry thoroughly.

On one hand, Chi, a professional makeup artist who uses the beautyblender, states that it is possible to wash the blender with dish soap. However, he advises against washing it frequently with this method.

Can you clean a beautyblender in the microwave?

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In 2018, the use of microwaves to clean beautyblenders became popular after a hack for cleaning makeup sponges was shared on Twitter. 

However, Chi, a professional makeup artist, warns against this method because he has personally experienced a beautyblender catching fire in the microwave. 

Although it is possible to clean a beautyblender in the microwave by placing it in a dish of soapy water, it is not recommended due to the risk of fire. 

If you do choose to try this method, it is important to ensure that the sponge is fully submerged in water and to closely monitor it while it is in the microwave.

When to replace your makeup sponge altogether

According to Chi, a professional makeup artist, it is necessary to replace your beautyblender every three months if you use it daily, and it can last up to six months or longer if used occasionally. 

However, even with proper care, a makeup sponge may need to be replaced. To determine when it is time to replace your sponge, look for the following signs:

- Stains that are difficult to remove with cleaning 
- Tears or rips in the sponge 
- Loss of "bounce" and a sponge that feels soft and squishy rather than plump and springy

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