AEW’s tribute to Jay Briscoe starts with a celebration of Jamin Pugh

It took Tony Khan, the owner of Tony Khan Fighting, a week to make it happen, but AEW finally paid respects to the late Jamin "Jay Briscoe" Pugh on the Jan. 25 episode of Dynamite. The main event of the night, where Mark Briscoe makes his debut against Jay's frequent rival and friend Jay Lethal, was delayed until the main event of the episode in Lexington, Kentucky. 

However, the tribute began earlier in the night with a video that highlighted Pugh as a family man as well as a wrestler.

Even if you haven't been following the tributes to Jamin Pugh, who passed away in a car accident last week, or the updates from friends in the Sussex County, Delaware community where the Briscoes live, you may know that Jamin placed great importance on family.

Alongside his brother, their father also played a role in their storylines while they were with Ring of Honor. A video of Jamin practicing a cheer routine with one of his daughters went viral during the pandemic and was included in the video tribute. It was fitting that AEW included footage of the Pugh family alongside footage of Jay with his opponents in ROH World title matches such as Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens, when he wrestled under his real name.

There may have been some production issues during the show after the video tribute was played, but it can be assumed that it had a strong emotional impact on the team. The main event of the show is expected to be emotional for everyone.

AEW Plays Touching Tribute To Jay Briscoe On Tonight’s Dynamite From Lexington

AEW has created a video tribute in honor of Jay Briscoe, a ROH legend who passed away in a car accident eight days ago. The promotion also announced that Jay's brother, Mark Briscoe, will be wrestling Jay Lethal in the main event of tonight's Dynamite show, as a way to pay respect to Jay's legacy in the wrestling industry.

The video shows Jay as a family man and highlights his nearly 20-year career in the ring with his brother Mark. The two were 13-time ROH tag team champions, and Jay held two reigns as ROH world champion. The tribute also features appearances from a number of notable wrestlers that Jay competed against throughout his career, including Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Roderick Strong, and FTR, among others.


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