Highest Paying Finance Jobs

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Are you considering a career in finance but are unsure which position would suit you best or how to begin preparing for it? We have the information you need!

Finance jobs can be highly lucrative for individuals with strong skills in math and analysis. The finance industry is varied and includes areas such as banking, investments, and financial technology (also known as Fintech). If you have been considering starting a career in finance, it is helpful to consider the various roles that are available.

This article will discuss the different types of finance jobs that are available and provide a list of some of the highest paying finance jobs.

What types of finance jobs are available? There are many high-paying opportunities in finance for those interested in the field, which can be grouped into the following six categories:

Corporate careers: These are top executive and other positions at large businesses and corporations, both public and private. These roles are often office-based and have more traditional working hours. 

Advising: Advisors assist individuals in choosing products such as insurance, investments, or banking products. Advisors typically work on a commission or bonus structure, making it a lucrative career. To be successful as an advisor, one needs to have both financial expertise and sales skills.

Fintech: Financial technology includes positions for financial programmers and some of the responsibilities of chief financial officers (CFOs). In today's modern business, finance departments often support technology infrastructure, leading to overlap with other finance professions. 

Investments: Financial professionals who work in investments are responsible for investing capital into portfolios that help individuals and companies grow wealth.

Accounting: Accountants and their associates provide a valuable financial service by helping businesses and individuals maintain financial records, comply with regulatory agencies, and manage budgets and spending. 

Lending: People who work in lending assist customers in choosing loans or perform operational tasks to help customers obtain loans.

Top Paying Finance Jobs 

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Below is a list of some of the highest paying finance jobs:

Investment banker 

National average salary: $66,784 per year 

Primary duties: Investment bankers oversee the portfolios of businesses and government agencies that invest in various companies. They assist clients in raising and investing capital in a way that is intended to help the business achieve its financial growth goals.

Information technology auditor 

National average salary: $101,751 per year 

Primary duties: IT auditors typically work for government agencies or private companies to ensure that the technology infrastructure meets compliance requirements and other IT needs of the organization. They conduct audits and should have expertise in doing so, which may require certification.

Compliance analyst 

National average salary: $59,016 per year 

Primary duties: This finance professional audits a business for compliance with standards set by various regulatory agencies. The finance industry places a strong emphasis on compliance as long-term economic stability and financial growth rely on adherence to established standards. Compliance analysts review data, processes, and financial infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulations.

Financial advisor 

National average salary: $74,055 per year 

Primary duties: Financial advisors assist customers in identifying short- and long-term financial goals and recommend products that align with those goals. The duties of an insurance advisor include being knowledgeable about insurance products, working closely with underwriters and risk assessment professionals, and serving as the primary point of contact for clients.

Insurance advisor 

National average salary: $89,295 per year 

Primary duties: Insurance advisors help customers find the most suitable insurance products to meet their long- and short-term insurance needs, and provide guidance on purchasing decisions for insurance coverage for individuals, homes, cars, investments, and more.

Financial analyst 

National average salary: $70,677 per year 

Primary duties: Financial analysts analyze financial data to help business stakeholders make informed decisions about company finances. They work for financial institutions such as banks, funds, insurance companies, and more, supporting the buying decisions and needs of customers across the country.

Senior accountant 

National average salary: $73,547 per year 

Primary duties: Senior accountants typically hold a leadership position in the accounting department and are responsible for the day-to-day tasks of accounting. They handle duties such as ensuring compliance with budgets, meeting accounting goals, and overseeing corporate expenditures.

Hedge fund manager 

National average salary: $83,578 per year 

Primary duties: Hedge fund managers perform similar tasks to investment bankers but work with higher risk and reward portfolios for investors who pool their capital to make investments in hedge funds. Hedge fund managers must monitor markets to protect investors, often working long hours to do so. Investing in hedge funds is rarely a career with typical full-time hours.

Financial software developer 

National average salary: $93,817 per year 

Primary duties: Financial software developers work in the expanding field of Fintech, creating programs that meet the needs of financial institutions and end-users.

Private equity associate 

National average salary: $91,184 per year 

Primary duties: Private equity associates network with investors to obtain private equity which they then apply to business investments that diversify the investors' portfolios.

Chief financial officer 

National average salary: $123,265 per year 

Primary duties: The responsibilities of a CFO are wide-ranging and include overseeing analysts and budgeting, making cost-related decisions about technology infrastructure, and managing financial teams.

Chief compliance officer 

National average salary: $114,832 per year 

Primary duties: Chief compliance officers oversee all aspects and departments related to meeting compliance standards. CCOs handle policy management and compliance monitoring to help businesses operate efficiently and avoid non-compliance fees.

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